Al Filreis

Playing tennis in the Pittsburgh wilderness

Robert Frost dismisses modern poetry in Newsweek (January 30, 1956, p. 56):

Citizen of the university

To celebrate the life and work of David DeLaura, we gathered at the Writers House for an event that David and I had planned just two days before he died sudd

Speaking of Stein


Here's Janet Malcolm, dismissing an early biographer of Gertrude Stein: 

Rumsfield as Stein

The narration of The Writing on the Wall, Lynne Sharon Schwartz's novel about 9/11, includes bits and pieces of mid-September speechfiying, as a kind of background blather. At one point the two main characters see and hear Donald Rumsfield on TV saying this:

To write is to score

I've been thinking about how we can learn to understand poetry and poetics through sound, as distinct from — or in addition to — the text versions of the poem. I've been thinking about how w