Al Filreis

Talk about your form/content split

If you have never read even just a few paragraphs of the "Wansee Protocol," you are missing a chance to read Nazi writing at its most routine and most bizarre (both at once, of course). At

Two cheers for antigregorypeckerism

Herbert Gold reviewed On the Road in the November 16, 1957 issue of the Nation, under the title: "Hip Cool, Beat — and Frantic." Here's a passage of the review that'll give you a good sense of the whole:

Daily bread

This is George Herlick's b&w; photo called "Bread in Window," taken on April 21, 1937, part of a series called "City Scenes" that Herlick shot as part of the Ph

Avatar of Newt

Part of the problem, part of the solution — '60s cant. Yet, saying just that, our old friend Newt Gingrich is back, not apparently running for President, but launching a new project he thinks