Al Filreis

notes toward a modernist pedagogy

I'm interested in what it means to teach modernism in the manner appropriate to the modern text. I do not think that doing this enacts the imitative fallacy - that is, why would someone need necessarily to teach modernism in a modernist way? What's the advantage? These would seem to be a legitimate doubt, but please read on and tell me if I'm wrong. Let me start here with the final lines of a famous poem by Gertrude Stein:

They cannot.
A note.
They cannot.
A float.
They cannot.
They dote.
They cannot.
They as denote.


Jacket design for my new book - by Laura Palese. Coming out in December or January from North Carolina.

suddenly everyone began reading aloud

Last night's Cobbingfest - an event on visual and sound poetries - at the

looking at the production of it

Recently I've become interested in the trippy, sardonic West Coast early '60s

talk about your form/content split

If you have never read even just a few paragraphs of the "Wansee Protocol," you are missing a chance to read Nazi writing at its most routine and most bizarre (both at once, of course).