Al Filreis

which way to go?

Eric Umansky - my former student, a pal, and a fine writer and investigative journalist - is spending some months in Damascus.

poet in need

Jerry Rothenberg, among others, recently read at a benefit for Will Alexander, whom the organization

GIRLdrive arrives at Marjorie

I've been following GIRLdrive, a road-trip blog written by Emma and Nona.

it's all relative, indeed

Here is Vardi Kahana's 1992 photograph of her aunts, all Holocaust survivors.

where are you now, Bill Ringler?

In the The Chronicle of Higher Education for November 9, there's an article about young academics who feel like frauds. Here's the link to John Gravois's piece. When this phenomenon was seriously studied, it was found that about 70 percent of people from all walks of life — men and women — have felt like impostors for at least some part of their careers.

There's even a web site for the syndrome.