Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Sam Truitt: From 'Dick: A Vertical Elegy'

Did they do it? At the pump, did Jill hit Jack?  

 But each place is well and each well a hole encircled by hunters on their hams with spears listening between the broken and whole words into the darkness below for the sound of their breathing and the breathing of the hole in the dark for some fall that is after all cause for image projected staring back into them with red eyes. With hard heavy shoulders. With terror.

Milton Resnick, poet — In memory — An essay & a poem

Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof, circa 1970
Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof, circa 1970

[The following coincides with a major exhibition (May 10 to August 1) of Milton Resnick’s work over a six-decade career, sponsored by Mana Contemporary of Jersey City and the Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation.]


From 'An Artist's Life as Told by Eleanora Antinova to Eleanor Antin'

[A BRIEF NOTE FOR THE FOLLOWING.  I spent many years working in a variety of media performance, photography, writing,  film, video, installation, drawing) inventing what i called my alternate selves.  My most complex self was Eleanora Antinova, the black ballerina of Diaghilev's Ballet-Russe. I am now working on her memoir “An Artist's Life as told by Eleanora Antinova to Eleanor Antin”. The following section is from that work in progress. (E.A.)]


Jerome Rothenberg: Complete 'Airplane Poems' 1980/1983/1992/1994/2008

Wing Two by Allen D'Arcangelo (1982)
Wing Two by Allen D'Arcangelo (1982)





circles on the earth

– somewhere in Kansas –

what do they mean?

I take the circular form to mark

the coming of Messiah

day by day


– but not in Kansas! –

Jean Portante: What does and what doesn’t come to pass

Translation from French by Zoë Skoulding

From: Ce qui advient et ce qui n’advient pas


Je suis devenue immatérielle,
ombre qui se déplace dans la flamme
de la mort perpétuelle.
                                    Mario Luzi