Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

David-Baptiste Chirot: Félix Fénéon, conceptual poetry, & the animated other (redux)

[Himself on the cusp between “outside” & “inside” poetry & art, Chirot, whose work, both verbal & visual, is a great too often hidden resource, writes from an authoritative if  barely visible position in contemporary letters.  The Fénéon commentary excerpted here is from a longer essay/talk, “Conceptual Poetry and its Others,” written for a symposium at the Poetry Center of the University of Arizona, 29-31 May 2008 & appeared earlier in the blogger version of Poems and Poetics.  The depth & breadth of his more recent work is outstanding. (J.R.)]

Jerome Rothenberg: Six Likht variations, with 'Snakes & Stones' (a poem in progress)

[Written in the process of reading Mikhl Likht’s Protsesiye/Processions along with the translation from Yiddish by Ariel Resnikoff & Stephen Ross, while following the procedures set earlier in The Lorca Variations.  A tribute both to Likht & to his language.]


Alejandra Pizarnik: From 'Uncollected Poems (1962–1972)'

Translation from Spanish & commentary by Cole Heinowitz

[The eight poems posted here are taken from the 17 typed manuscript pages Pizarnik brought to the home of the poet Perla Rotzait in 1971, less than a year before her death.]

In defense of the Monarch butterfly: A letter to three nations from poets, writers, scientists, & artists



Henry Munn: From 'The Uniqueness of María Sabina' (In Memoriam)

[In the years in which I was working with many others toward the creation of an ethnopoetics, the presence and work of Henry Munn was of extraordinary importance.  His death in February puts an end to what had been a life of intellectual questing, carried on in large part without recognition but always with an inquisitiveness  & intelligence that contributed immeasurably to the work of others of us who were able to operate in a more public sphere.  His translations, along with his brother-in-law Alvaro Estrada, of the chants and oral autobiogr