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Poems and poetics

Jerome Rothenberg & John Bloomberg Rissman: 'Poems for the Millennium, volume 5': the 'Table of Contents' (part one)

Adolf Wölfli, Campbell’s Tomato Soup, 1923
Adolf Wölfli, Campbell’s Tomato Soup, 1923

[The book itself – Barbaric Vast & Wild: A Gathering of Outside & Subterranean Poetry from Origins to Present – has been announced for March publication by Black Widow Press.  What follows is the first half of the table of contents. The rest appear here.]


Bob Holman's 'Language Matters' (PBS) on the world's 3000 endangered languages

Watch now: Language Matters | Full Episode | PBS Video

A beautiful and important PBS documentary in which Bob Holman carries forward the fight to save endangered languages (3000 of them) and their attendant poetries. Language Matters asks what we lose when languages die, and how we can save them.  Writes Norman MacAfee in The Huntington Post (…/let-the-world-speak_b_65382): 

 There are 6,000 languages in the world, and half are endangered. Those 3,000 will be gone by the end of this century if we don't do something. What are we going to do? That is the situation outlined in a new PBS documentary, Language Matters with Bob Holman, by David Grubin and Bob Holman. Why is saving endangered languages important?

These 3,000 endangered languages are part of the history, and the prehistory, of humanity. They are part of prehistory because many are only spoken languages, not written, passed orally from generation to generation, down the millennia.

From 'Kojiki': The male deity Izanaki and the female deity Izanami (new edition)

Translated from Japanese by Yoko Danno

[N.B. Yoko Danno’s Songs and Stories of the Kojiki is the first English translation to capture the full sweep & ferocity of the founding Japanese epic.  The work as such was originally published by Ahadada Books in 2008 & has just been reissued by Red Moon Press in Winchester, VA.  Born, raised & educated in Japan, Danno has been writing solely in English for almost forty years.  She continues to live & work in Kobe.]

Clayton Eshleman: 'Wound Interrogation'

[From Penetralia, a new collection of poems, to be published by Black

Widow Press in 2016]


In Matta’s “Wound Interrogation,” 

a Malangganesque robot thrusts a flattened palm against

a large pulpy vaginal wound hung before it.