Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Jerome Rothenberg: 'Corno Emplumado Improvisación Blues y Fantasía,' in Spanish & English (1965)

[It was during our transition into the fabled 1960s that it began to feel that everything we wanted for poetry was now becoming possible.  I’ve written about much of this before, but a curious moment for me was the one time, in 1965, that I allowed myself to write a whole poem in a language other than English.  The occasion was the fourth anniversary issue of El Corno Emplumado (The Plumed Horn), the revolutionary poetry magazine that Margaret Randall & Sergio Mondragón co-founded in 1962 & carried forward for most of the following decade.  I was inv

Marthe Reed: Five poems from 'Binx’s Blues,' with a note on the process

On lines from Walker Percy



still burning

sky over Gentilly


it is easily overlooked

strange island


the slightest interest

New Orleans


sags like rotten lace

Marcel de Lima Santos: From 'The Poetics of Shamanism'

[The following excerpt from a longer work by the Paris-born Brazilian scholar Marcel de Lima Santos gives a capsule view of the role played by Alcheringa & its contributors & predecesors in the early development of a workable ethnopoetics. (J.R.)]

Raymond Federman: From 'The Carcasses,' with a blurb by the author (redux)

[The excerpt below is from a collection of Federman’s writings, Carcasses, published by BlazeVOX Books shortly before his death in October 2009.  It was first posted on Poems and Poetics, blogger version, on February 28th of that year.]

Yesterday I bought a new tape recorder – and today I recorded a story on my new recorder – this is the story – I call it –


John Bloomberg-Rissman: From 'In The House of the Hangman,' with a commentary on the process

At that moment, an explosion occurs. At that moment the sumo wrestler dives; he enters the water and makes no splash. The prisoner’s strike is on. Often I wonder whether my teeth are rotting. On Tuesday I had my hair cut. In the bathroom I kill a cockroach as it tries to run past me. My breasts hurt I am pregnant perhaps. This prepares the manifold, earlier, immaterial representations, the mounting system centralized, happily groomed as yoga for planets. The earlier bonobos touched it and squirrels did their math to empower the mergers and exchange.