Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Clayton Eshleman: From an interview by Irakli Qolbaia, the first and last questions

[What follows are two sections from a longer interview conducted by the Georgian poet and translator Irakli Qolbaia, in which Eshleman takes on two key words in his work — “origin” and “penetralia” — and ties them to his own emergence and development as a poet and major searcher for the origins of poetry and the imagination.

Toward a Poetry and Poetics of the Americas (6): Oswald de Andrade, 'An Anthropophagite Manifesto,' May 1928

Originally published in Revista de Antropofagia, no.1, year 1, May 1928, São Paulo.
Translation from Portuguese by Adriano Pedrosa and Veronica Cordeiro.

Five new poems from a work in progress: 'America/2017'

Jerome Rothenberg


The President of Desolation

Karl Young: 'Toward an Ideal Anthology (Reflections on the Light and Dust Web Anthology),' Part Two

[Part One of Karl Young’s insightful essay on anthologies and his own work in particular appeared earlier on Poems and Poetics. The entire piece can be accessed here, by a pathway that can lead the reader to other useful and often hard to obtain works, generously and conscientiously delivered. (J.R.)]

Mark Weiss: 'A Suite of Dances' III: Travelers Tales

Cows in the mire above slate water.


White, dappled

to the brown drop-off, sea,

clouds beyond,

and a burnish of sunlight

barely makes it.

And here’s a bay cuts in below stubble

on a ground of snow.