Charles Bernstein

Dark City

pdf now on-line from PIP

Dark City was was published by Douglas Messerli's Sun & Moon Press in 1994 and has long been out of print. Messerli's Project for Innovative Poetry (PIP) has now made available at PDF of the book. Download here.

Flesh memory­­, for Akilah Oliver

Drawing of Akilah Oliver by Susan Bee.
Presented at the Oliver memorial at the Poetry Project, New York, June 15, 2011. All quoted material is from the work of Akilah Oliver.

“language is a skin
memory is a skin
forgetting is a skin”

TPT: Tea Party Terrorism

new placard

None dare call it terrorism.

Darren's Hand

Video portrait of Darren Wershler (1-1-08)

 Darren's Iron Whim was all about the typewriter. But what about handwriting?

Amy Winehouse RIP

Two video tributes by Felix Bernstein