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Dialog on poetry and poetics: 1st CAAP (Chinese/American poetry) conference

Wuhan, China –– September 29-30, 2011

Marjorie Perloff & Nie Zhenzhao
Professors Marjorie Perloff & Nie Zhenzhao


The 1st Convention of the
Chinese / American Association for Poetry and Poetics
Wuhan, China

in celebration of Marjorie Perloff's 80th birthday

Poetry project reading with Maggie O'Sullivan, review of Attack & Whiskey

Maggie O'Sullivan and I will be reading at the Poetry Project, St. Mark's Church, New York, on Weds. Oct. 5, 2011, at 8pm.

Norbert Hirschhorn reviews All the Whiskey in Heaven: Selected Poems and Attack of the Difficult Poems at Eyewear.

Elementary processes in poetry / redefining the field: Vlado Martek & Croatian conceptual poetry 1970s to now

by Dubravka Djurić


Vlado Martek was born in 1951 in Zagreb. He graduated from the University of Zagreb, major in Literature and Philosophy. From 1975 until 1978 he was a member of informal Group of Six Authors, and had shown exhibitions-actions with them and initiated the magazine-catalogue Maj 75 (May 75). He has shown his work in a number of solo exhibitions. By vocation Martek has been a (pre)poet and multimedia nomadic author. His work includes actions, agitations, ambiences, murals, poetry, texts on his own work (metatheory),texts on other artists (metareview), graffiti, land art, graphics, painting, author's books, sculpture, poetry, and objects. Since 1979 he has been working in a public library. 

In this text I would like to speak about Vlado Martek primarily as a poet. This may seem questionable, because it might cause the impression that his varied and comprehensive oeuvre is in this way reduced to just one field. However, it is important to speak about Martek as a poet, because in this way the radical imperative of defining the field of poetry is imposed upon us. In order to attempt to do that, I must first briefly outline the institutional field of literature, and within that, the field of poetry in the context of the influence that cultural studies have had on the study of literature.

Buffalo Poetics Program's 20th anniversary

Robert Creeley and Susan Howe with me at 438 Clemens Hall in December 1992; Susa
Robert Creeley and Susan Howe with me at 438 Clemens Hall in December 1992; Susan Bee’s painting in the background.

Robert Creeley, Susan Howe, Dennis Tedlock, Raymond Federman, and I (working with Robert Bertholf in the poetry collection) started the SUNY-Buffalo Poetics Program 2o years ago. Our founding moment was more an act of will and imagination than a bureaucratic act; we came into existence by declaring ourselves a program.

Joel Kuszai on Close Listening

© Bernstein/PennSound 2011
© Bernstein/PennSound 2011

Appearing on Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, September 12, 2011

Program One: Reading from Accidency

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Program Two: Conversation

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