Charles Bernstein

Ruffneck Constructivists: Class visit to Kara Walker's ICA show

photos by Brooke Sietinsons

"Ruffneck Constructivists" -- a group show curated by Kara Walker -- opened at the ICA last week. Walker will be giving a talk / slide show at Penn's Humanities Forum on Friday; I will be joining her for that.  

This past Monday, English 111 -- my Experimental Writing seminar (offered through Penn's Creative Writing Program) -- visited the ICA and the students performed their poems, written in response to the show, as well as to the 5oth anniversary ICA show on the second floor. Brooke Sietinsons was there taking pictures. The full set of photograph is on Flicker.

Thomas McEvilley: Arimaspia launch and McEvilley tribute

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 8:00 pm,
The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church
131 E. 10th Street, New York, NY 

Celebrating the life and work of  Thomas McEvilley (1939-2013) and the publication of his new books The Arimaspia: Songs for the Rainy Season, from McPherson & Co,,  and Seventeen Ancient Poems: Translations from Greek and Latin.

My introducton to the book is here.  

The tribute will feature Carolee Schneemann, Holland Cotter, Pat Steir, Les Levine, William Anastasi, Susan Bee, George Quasha, Richard Fletcher, Bruce McPherson, Stacy Szymaszek, Dove Bradshaw , Ann McCoy, David Shapiro, Joyce Burstein, Charles Bernstein (emcee), & special video tribute by Marina Abramovic .

Reading the Difficulties: new from University of Alabama Press (discount offer)

Reading the Difficulties
Dialogues with Contemporary American Innovative Poetry

Edited by Thomas Fink (CUNY), Judith Halden-Sullivan (Millersville University, PA)
Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series: Charles Bernstein and Hank Lazer, series editors 

Poetics List (1993-2014)

I started the Poetics List in late 1993, just after I came to Buffalo and co-founded the Poetics Program and a little while before the founding of the Electronic Poetry Center. When the list began, a email-based discussion group was a radically new format. There was no web interface and no way to filter messages. Emails were read and written via on-line ascii systems. During the first six years of the list, a deep and wide ranging discussion developed among the few hundred of us actively participating. I asked that the list address not be publicized so that we could keep the discussion to those with shared interests and that the list not become a general interest poetry forum. Much of the spirit of the early list was captured by Joel Kuszai, who edited Poetics@, for which I wrote the introduction. This ROOF book is available free in as epubmobi, or pdf; or via Amazon.

Poetry Volumes of the Twenty-First Century by Native American / American Indian / Indigenous / Tribal heritage poets of the U.S. and U.S. occupied Pacific / Hawaii

compiled by the Indigenous Caucus of AWP: Jennifer Foerster, Organizer; Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, founding organizer; Sherwin Bitsui, 2013 Chair: Craig Santos Perez, 2014 Chair; Brandy Nalani McDougall, original panel/caucus member; Travis Hedge Coke, assistant

Excluding reprints with exception of selected/collected editions, excluding vanity/self-publishing platforms or platforms whereas poet is publisher
95 poets
(mixed genre books and/or significant chapbook publications  included and noted within listings)

If you wish to submit a text for possible inclusion please contact the AWP Indigenous Caucus organizer. Please, also, cite the AWP Indigenous Caucus when referring to this bibliography.

This list is vetted and is not intended for general public amendments.