Charles Bernstein

Flesh memory­­, for Akilah Oliver

Drawing of Akilah Oliver by Susan Bee.
Presented at the Oliver memorial at the Poetry Project, New York, June 15, 2011. All quoted material is from the work of Akilah Oliver.

“language is a skin
memory is a skin
forgetting is a skin”

Darren's Hand

Video portrait of Darren Wershler (1-1-08)

 Darren’s Iron Whim was all about the typewriter. But what about handwriting?

Amy Winehouse RIP

Two video tributes by Felix Bernstein

Video for Stacy Doris's The Cake Part

by Felix Bernstein with Charles Bernstein & Susan Bee

Stacy Doris's new book, The Cake Part, is being released with a set of video adaptions, avaialble on Vimeo. Here's the part that Felix made, with Susan Bee and me. Read more about the book via the Poetry Foundation.

Charles & Felix Bernstein, Susan Bee in Discourse on the Guillotine by Stacy Doris from Stacy Doris on Vimeo.

Video By Felix Bernstein

Peter Seaton: biographical sketch

Working with Peter Seaton's brother, Thom, and Nick Piombino, I have put together this bio of Peter and, with the help of Steve McLaughlin, am slowly making available all Peter's published works, and an unpublished ms, at the Seaton EPC page.