Al Filreis

Verse makes comeback on campus circa '95

I love teaching English 88, my modern & contemporary American poetry course, in part because the thing has evolved in such a way that it is something of a three-ring circus.


Penn has opened a channel at ITunes as part of a project called "ITunesU," which is really just a part of the ITunes Music Store where a selection of universities' audio and video materials

Playing 'The Grand Piano'

The Grand Piano is an on-going, multi-authored account of the San Francisco poetics community in the 1970s.

Moe Fishman is dead

The New York Times reported the death of Moe Fishman recently.

That impossible object, New Jersey

I'm a reader of Joe Milutis' blog called "New Jersey as an Impossible Object", which roughly works in and around William Carlos Williams's Paterson and his sense of the postindustrial city.