Al Filreis

Invasion of the modernists

An excerpt from my new book. Here I'm describing the anticommunist antimodernist who believed that modernism was the abruption of the alien Other onto the scene of natural human order. I begin the passage with Gilbert Neiman — poet lately turned novelist — who hadn't read Poetry magazine in a few years when he decided to pick up a copy in 1949 and see what contemporary poetry was all about at that point.

I heart listservs

In the newish world of communication-over-a-distance, there are now a number of synchronous media.

Counter-revolution of the word

Here is a short description of my new book (a draft of the jacket copy):

Jack was language

"Time being of the essence in the purity of speech, sketching language is undisturbed flow from the mind of persona

Poetry online

In 2001 I was interviewed for the NPR show, "The Best of Our Knowledge." It was recorded at Bard College and aired on WAMC 90.3 FM in Albany and a number of other NPR stations that February.