Al Filreis

Confusing justice & vengeance

"We cannot bear to face our knowledge that the satisfaction of our desire for justice, which we confuse with our desire for vengeance, is impossible. And so we invent as a victim the most comprehen

Mining, memory, & Microsoft

Yes, that's Bill Gates at right, tossing a floppy disk into the air.

Erica Baum photographs the card catalogue

When I saw what Erica Baum was doing with photography a few years ago, I knew that it was closely related to what I was trying to teach my students about modern and contemporary poetry, so I invited Erica to visit us at the Writers House. It was a great visit.

Poetry (n) the public spear

Back to Maria Damon's critical essays for a moment. I've just read "Was That 'Different,' 'Dissident' or 'Dissonant'?Poetry (n) the Public Spear: Slams, Open Readings, and Dissident Traditions."