Al Filreis

Speaking of Stein


Here's Janet Malcolm, dismissing an early biographer of Gertrude Stein: 

Rumsfield as Stein

The narration of The Writing on the Wall, Lynne Sharon Schwartz's novel about 9/11, includes bits and pieces of mid-September speechfiying, as a kind of background blather. At one point the two main characters see and hear Donald Rumsfield on TV saying this:

To write is to score

I've been thinking about how we can learn to understand poetry and poetics through sound, as distinct from — or in addition to — the text versions of the poem. I've been thinking about how w

Poetry leader to Joe McCarthy: Good job

There's a story on the front page of the arts section of today's New York Times that begins by the usual condescending reference to "[t]he cloistered community of American poetry." After that, th

I don't like what you said … no, what you read

Years ago I wrote a review-essay on a book about the Cold War-era prosecutions of leaders of the Communist Party of the U.S.Years ago I wrote a review-essay on a book about the Col