Al Filreis

la fuck fashion

Lucie Kind's music. French techno with anti-style style.

nothing but sharp stones, similar to bones

Guillaume Apollinaire was stationed in February 1915 not far from where my father and I visited recently - the edge of Provence along the Rhone River between Martigues in the

Coy flappertoy! I am adult citizen with vote

After a dozen years of the Kelly Writers House - which I like to think of a learning community with a poetics - there are a few things that Writers House-affiliated

where are you now, Blue Line TeleVillage?

I think quite a lot about the headiest days of what was then called "the internet revolution" - roughly 1996-1999.

four cheers for literary history

Blogroll please: Mark Scroggins' "Culture Industry". Mark has recently published his long-awaited critical biography of Louis Zukofsky.