Al Filreis

Can't be for or against narrative

In "Toy Boats" Carla Harryman argues that narrative is not something to believe in but something that is there.

Shopdropping as art

News from the world of interventionist art:

Yali at yuletide

Did some victims of genocide bring it on themselves? (To be sure, I think not. But the question is being raised — once again; it's socio-biological logic I find troubling.)

Hoover planned mass arrests

The AP wire is running a story today that is both unsurprising and also shocking. It begins this way:

From Sunday morning to Tuesday evening

The year '07 brought us a "selected later poems" from John Ashbery, a gorgeously designed volume (a large pastel-color-surrounded lower case mod-yet-serif "a" on the jacket) called Notes