Al Filreis

Willis Conover, the Voice of America disc jockey who fought the Cold War with cool music, captured the hearts and liberated the spirits of millions of listeners behind the Iron Curtain beginning in 1955 when his show first when on the air.

to read

The folks who hang out at the Writers House have book recommendations for the holidays. Yesterday I walked around the house--room to room--talking to people about new books.

from the annals of gender difference

This time of year: what to get mom, what to get dad. Books, book preferences--where gender differences aren't as stark as, say, in sports equipment. Yes.

PoemTalk officially starts today

PoemTalk, a new podcast series that I host, is now officially launched. It's a collaboration of the Kelly Writers House, PennSound, and the Poetry Foundation.

home sweet

A nice blog response to the New York Times piece than ran yesterday: "The [Writers] House reminds me of everything I love about universities -- that in addition to being places to work and to learn, they can