Misguided (after Frank O'Hara's "Second Avenue”)

My video for ––
The Day Before O’Hara Died: Frank O’Hara and Friends
50 years from death of O'Hara on July 25, 1966
July 24, 2016
at The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), The Mall, London

Fous Littéraires: Some examples from a non-cannon – No. 3

Raymond Roussel (1877-1933): Part 1 – Life and influences

Raymond Roussel, with Star


Rich, gay, habitually solitary and a cross-dresser, or better, simply an inveterate dresser-(upper), Raymond Roussel is, along with Antonin Artaud, by far the most well-known fou, if not necessarily its most beloved, at least not by those who consider themselves serious students of the genre. That honor I would argue goes to Jean-Pierre Brisset, of whom more later.

New placards

Trump/Paul Ryan

David Antin: 'icy seagulls' (a new talk poem)

David Antin talking while Jerome Rothenberg listens in the background (photo by
David Antin talking while Jerome Rothenberg listens in the background (photo by D.G. Wills)

i guess we all need the mike because the people in the back wont hear it    it feels a little weird to me to have it    the glasses are a mistake i only use them for reading and i cant see you if i have the glasses on and ive learned in recent years ive learned from the fact that i can no longer see anything clearly sixteen inches from my face that i need glasses     but i cant see people three feet away with glasses without them looking like blurs    so this is my new experience of optical deficie

Metaphor is the return of the repressed 1

I want to be haunted by the ghost of your precious love

song of songs which is solomon's

Some weeks ago on Facebook I posted this:

“Breakthrough on the metaphor/materialism front. Stay tuned. The signifier yearns for its other, the long-buried signified. The Song of Songs…”

Signifier and signified, “soul” and what “soul” worships, that which is sacrificed (the lamb, the deer, the ram, the boy, the girl, the body) and that to which it is sacrificed (the prima causa, but of course if it needs sacrifice to function then isn’t the sacrifice itself the prima causa? about which more in a later post) call out to each other with images of flora and fauna; in the Song of Songs, language using non-language to cry out for reunion with whatever it is about processes of meaning-making that is not language, that exceeds and also lies below it.