Objectivist home

Facebook people can have the treat of seeing Joey Yearous-Algozin's recent photographs of Lorine Niedecker's house: here (or click on the image at right for a somewhat larger view).

Dylan's guide to presidents

Click on the image at left for Bob Dylan's guide to presidents and other notables. Likens himself to Lee Harvey Oswald because, you know, they started booing. (Courtesy: Bruce Springsteen's people, who put together a Bob Dylan map of the U.S.)

Poe and madmen

Poet, critic, teacher, reviewer and former Writers House program coordinator Tom Devaney has a good piece on Poe (in time for Halloween) in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.

Barbara Guest

The most recent episode of PoemTalk we released features a discussion of a remarkable poem by Barbara Guest, "Roses."

transcontinental hypnotics

Poet Linh Dinh is on the road now - I should say the railroad; he's taking trains from the east coast to Chicago, down to Austin, out to L.A., giving poetry readings along the way and taking photographs for his superb blog Detainees. His blog's photos depict the American economy as keenly as any medium I've seen/read. When I heard Linh would be traveling by train I immediately fantasized my own version of such a mode: reading a stack of books, and writing. No, said Linh, I can't do that. I will just sit and stare.