poems are little machines made out of words

One of Tony Green's word sculptures. If you're intrigued, be sure to visit accumulations, a site I check often. Lately Tony's been adding "words that come to hand" more than his word-machines, but scroll back to earlier entries for various media. I happily own one of Tony's "sliding accumulations." I also recommend this flickr page with its nice photos of Tony's work. Below are some of Tony's word-smokes, which certainly confuse Jacques Lipshitz' famous dictum about why he makes sculptures - to avoid or deny death.

turn the page, please

Joe, made-off, follow (as in subscribe), subprime, 2.0 (used as a suffix), so (used to begin two of every three sentences), bailout, TARP (something to get under?), shovel-ready, mavericky, twittering, ponzi. Toast. Game over. See ya.


I took a break this morning to look at photos taken by Kaplan Harris at the June 2008 conference on poetry of the 1970s held in Orono, Maine. I missed this gathering, but back in June followed it somewhat from afar.

Hem as poet

Man, Ferlinghetti and company were bold: announcing that their edition of Hemingway's poems was "PIRATED." For more, click here.

have app will travel

Using a new iPhone application called blogwriter I'm able quite easily to create text entries on any of my blogspot blogs from the phone. Not that I will do so very often but the extreme mobility of the mode seems apt. I'm composing this at the gym after 60 tough minutes on the crosstrainer made unboring only by the great Bookworm podcast interview with Marilynne Robinson I listened to. I learned once again that among cultural conservatives are a few very very interesting people.