autumnal podcast

Today we release the 22nd in our series of Kelly Writers House podcasts. This one features 5 excerpts from the vast archive of our programs - all having, in one way or another, to do with autumn. Autumn comes to 3805 Locust. Have a listen.

The podcast features Ellen Yin (founder of Fork restaurant), Tom Devaney (from his poem "At Franklin's Grave"), former longtime KWH director Kerry Sherin Wright ("Autumn Lullaby"), Eileen D'Angelo ("Love Letter to a Moody Sea") and Ben Lerner (excerpt from "Doppler Elegies").

Waldrops coming

Listen to my audio announcement of the upcoming reading at the Writers House to be given by Rosemarie and Keith Waldrop on November 4. It includes a recording of Keith reading one of his translations of Baudelaire.

Holocaust survivor testimony

Edith P.: "the sun was not the sun"

You should watch all 30 minutes of Edith's testimony as a survivor of Auschwitz. But if you cannot watch the whole thing, at least for now, move the counter to 15:19 and listen/watch as Edith tries to "describe" Auschwitz in sum.

What Emily feels

John Carroll, "Emoticon Dickinson," published in The Foghorn.

Objectivist home

Facebook people can have the treat of seeing Joey Yearous-Algozin's recent photographs of Lorine Niedecker's house: here (or click on the image at right for a somewhat larger view).