crime fiction

At left: Lenny Cassuto and SJ Rozan. Cassuto has written a literary history of crime fiction and Rozan has written 11 crime-fiction novels. They will lead a conversation about crime fiction at the Writers House next Tuesday at November 10. Click here for a 50-second audio announcement about this event.

tweeting Walt & other day topics

Here's your link to the cartoon. I'm fascinated of course by the constraint borne upon Whitman's cornucopian language. (Thanks for Kristina Baumli for alerting me to this.) To subscribe to "your daily Al," click here.

the future of the book?

These are indeed bookshelves.

18th-century poetry sound anthology

John Richetti

My dear old friend John Richetti has been recording an anthology of restoration and 18th-century poetry for several months - for PennSound. And today we are announcing the completion of this new sound anthology, hoping that (among others) teachers are able to use it to bring the poems to life and to present an easy-to-access (and free, of course) set of downloadable files. This is the first of its kind for this body of writing, so far as we know.

Grenier video

The video recording of Robert Grenier's presentation at the Writers House last week is now available.