distance learning

At Paul Baker's Wordsalad today: "I have not attended the u. of pennsylvania and have not enjoyed the privilege of attending classes with charles bernstein. but you know what? Bernstein has been one of my most valuable and appreciated teachers over the past 5 years or so. How? because of his poetry, his radio programs, his books of essays and criticism, his conference appearances, his blog (which, yes, promotes his own work, but to a much larger degree promotes the work of others), and because of his work with Al Filreis, producing the audio content on Pennsound. I met Charles at a conference last year sponsored by the Academy of American Poets in NY a year ago. The guy’s passion and counter-establishment perspective will always be attractive to me."

unfair fair use

My colleague Peter Decherney has been studying and writing about fair use of digital media - specifically, for the purpose of teaching. The extension of copyright protections mindlessly, to the point where showing a clip of a film in class is a violation (and requests for exceptions are denied--although Decherney himself presented the case for extension of the exception recently and won it, at least for now). Narrow interpretations of fair use have shaped the way film and media are taught--which is thus to say, the way the next generation of scholars, film-makers and also customer-users of film, video, television are coming first to understand the subject. In order to feature Decherney's writing on this topic (from a special feature in Cinema Journal he edited), and perhaps just to be puckish, I've made PDFs of two short essays available here: 1, 2.

intrepid design for new Barnes Foundation architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien talk about their design for the new building for the Barnes on the Parkway. Exciting!

poems for the millenium, take 3

The other night at the Kelly Writers House, a panel discussing romanticism and post-romanticism in contemporary poetry, marking the publication of the third volume in the Poems for the Millenium anthology (published by California). From left to right: Charles Bernstein (moderator), Jerome Rothenberg, Jeffrey Robinson, Esther Schor. Recordings of this event and the reading that followed will be available soon.

the late Cid

We've now released the 23rd episode of PoemTalk. This one is about a poem by Cid Corman. Click here for more, and for a link to the recording.