Stevens: choose just 3 poems

Some readers will remember that a few months ago I was asked by George Lensing to chose just three poems by Wallace Stevens I would most urgently commend to others. A crazy task, but I did it (because I like George, for one thing). A short essay about these three poems will soon be published in the Wallace Stevens Journal. Here is a sneak preview.

letterpress pleasure dome

A poem of mine, "Pleasure Dome," was published in a gorgeous letterpress production of The Common Press, of which the Kelly Writers House is a partner. The book is called Philacentrik and it's a catalogue of nine views of Philadelphia. It is also the first Common Book, an annual project by the Common Press, the letterpress studio at Penn; Common Books will be produced to showcase the integration of writing, printmaking and design at the press." Here is a scan of my poem and the illustration on the facing verso. The Writers House imprint within the Common Press collaborative is called "The 15th Room Press".

PoemTalk #22

Today we've released PoemTalk's 22nd episode - on Louis Zukofsky's Anew, the 12th poem in that series. Click here for the program notes and links to the audio recording.

in the city's paper

2010 Writers House Fellows in the City Paper.

the sun came

New recordings at PennSound: Etheridge Knight's 1986 reading. Knight was introduced by Gwendolyn Brooks. If you listen to her introduction in combination with Knight's reading of his own poem "The Sun Came," you'll hear a dialogue between the two poets. So, please, listen to Brooks first (MP3) and then hear Knight's "The Sun Came" (MP3).