Commentaries - February 2013

Antonin Artaud: 'The Old Caca Love Box'

A first translation from French by Clayton Eshleman

                                                                 Paris, 27 December 1946
                                                                 To M. Gilbert 


     I did indeed receive your letter urging me to send you the promised text
for your special issue on love. But I did warn you that I could tell you only what I
think. It was you who questioned me, it is to you that I respond.
     For I have had, for a long time, nothing more to say about love. It’s a feeling
that I believed I had and understood, at a time when I was developing false ideas
about life, for in truth I never found any love in it, only in me:

A Conversation with David Antin: pdf of full 2002 Granary Book

Steve Clay of Granary Books has just released a pdf of the book I did with David Antin in 2002, including our long conversation and Antin's Album Notes

download free pdf



Ashbery live webcast interview: Audio recording segmented by topic

New at PennSound

On February 12, 2013, I interviewed John Ashbery in his Chelsea (New York, NY) apartment, and moderated a discussion with people gathered at the Kelly Writers House, while many hundreds more watched via live webcast. Thanks to Anna Zalokostas, PennSound’s Ashbery page now offers the audio-only version (in downloadable MP3 format, as always) of the discussion, and, also, links to audio excerpts segmented by topic. Here are those segments:

  1. on humor in Ashbery’s poems (3:53): MP3
  2. on Ashbery's relationship to nature and the country (4:00): MP3
  3. on “Auburn-Tinted Fences,” “Soonest Mended,” and living outside the margin (7:13): MP3

"Reznikoff's Nearness" -- recording of Royaumont talk in 1989, introduced by Emmanuel Hocquard, translated by Pierre Alferi

'The New Polish Poetry'

In Jacket 29

Polish girl: photo -- Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Polish girl: photo -- Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

44 New Poems from Poland

An selection of poems from Altered State — The New Polish Poetry. Edited by Rod Mengham, Tadeusz Pióro and Piotr Szymor. Todmorden, UK: Arc Publications, 2003. Price: £10.95. This selection was chosen by Rod Mengham and John Tranter.

[»»] Marcin Baran: Hot embitterments

[»»] Julia Fiedorczuk: November on the Narew

[»»] Darek Foks: Farewell, Haiku

[»»] Mariusz Grzebalski: Slaughterhouse / Then

[»»] Krzysztof Jaworski: I used to be a slender guy

[»»] Bartłomiej Majzel: Scrumping

[»»] Maciej Melecki: Summer, getting away from yourself