Commentaries - November 2008

Wide circulation

Our 12th PoemTalk show is being released this week. Here it is. You’ve not heard PoemTalk yet?

troubled sleep (PoemTalk #12)

Ezra Pound integrates - or, rather, doesn't quite integrate - a response to a stupid contemporary judicial ruling on censorship and a fragment from the Canticle of Simeon (Luke, 2:29-32) to make a powerful, comic (even schticky) satire on American culture of his time and perhaps of ours.


Two nights ago Jessica Lowenthal and I taught a Dickinson “webinar.” With fifty people watching and participating from near- and far-flung locations, we discussed two poems,

In search of endangered languages

Bob Holman, about as passionate about poetic orality as anyone, is visiting Senegal, Gambia, and Mali for

Permitting contradictions

In the summer of ’99 a group of us

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