Commentaries - April 2008

Oppen at 100

The other night we celebrated George Oppen's 100th birthday.

Myth of the blaze

The blaze in George Oppen's “Myth of the Blaze”, a great poem of war and political ethics and

Oppen at 100

The blaze in “Myth of the Blaze,” a great poem of war and political ethics and guilt, is the burning bright of Blakes “tyger” in the poem (and spelled that way).

Blake’s “forests of the night”: the woods of the so-called Bulge in the horrendous battle of that name, the Rhineland campaign of winter 1944, through France to the Rhine.

“Did he who made the Lamb make thee?” This is a story of tiger and lamb.

doing not enough every day (PoemTalk #5)

A list of Bohemian pleasures. Ted Berrigan's "3 Pages" is a list poem, surely. He mentions ten things he does every day (including "read lunch poems," surely a reference to Frank O'Hara's book of that title) but the PoemTalkers - Randall Couch, Linh Dinh and special guest erica kaufman - had trouble counting them. We got to nine, and pondered.