1-100 (1969)

1-100: MP3
The original title of this work was "1,100," as I discovered when I stumbled on the original reel and box.

Poetics: (The next) 25 years conference at Suny-Buffalo, April, 2016

Bernstein, Howe, Creeley in 1992 at Buffalo. Howe & Bernstein will be at conference. which will include a tribute to Creeley


Kiwi-Pasifika lady poets


Talofa lava.

Pasifika (migrants and their descendants originating from Pacific island groups such as Fiji, Sāmoa, Tonga as just some examples) poets in Aotearoa-New Zealand are increasingly audible and visible, which is a reflection of a rapid Pasifika population increase in the country; indeed the percentage of Pasifika youth under the age of 25, at 60% of overall Pasifika population, is the highest in the country. More, Pasifika poets are standing up to be counted, proudly proclaiming their Pacific islands heritage in a country, Aotearoa-New Zealand, which ironically does not seem to ever equate itself as a Pacific island, which of course it is, as Leilani Tamu points out later.

'Brian Ferneyhough Complete Piano Works, Nicolas Hodges Piano'

This two CD-set is just out from Neos, with Hodges joined at one point by Rolf Hind. The collection includes Hodges's stunning vocal performance of "Opus Contra Naturum" from Shadowtime (for which Ferneyough wrote the first part and I wrote the other two parts). All newly recorded for this release. Worth a journey: it is a journey. The CD booklet includes notes by the composer on each piece and an overview by Fabrice Fitch. I wrote this work for the CD cover.