Place-Relation Ecopoetics: A Collective Glossary

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Northwestern U.S. Forest Fire Smoke Sunset, 8/24/15 (Pullman WA)
photo by Linda Russo

As I write this, the largest fire complex in Washington State history is burning about 160 miles to my northwest, and several other large fires burn in bordering states and Canadian provinces.

Feel beauty supply, post 10

Hurston on loafing and loitering

Whenever I think I might be being too thin in my thinking about aesthetic practice, someone says something in agreement with my thoughts, though more bookishly and then I see that I’m right, even in my simplicity.

Jonathan Stalling: Yíngēlìshī [sinophonic english] & a new global poetics

[What follows is a taste of Jonathan Stalling’s Yíngēlìshī (Counterpath Press), an amazing instance of experimental “translation” or othering (here between, or as a blending of, Chinese & English) that may have been overlooked at the time of its original publication.

Anne-Marie Albiach: Manuscript pages from 'Etat'

Manuscript pages from Anne-Marie Albiach's Etat (Mercure de France, 1971; republished 1988), 
EPC Digital Edition 2015: PDF

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Jacqueline Loss. Photograph by Barbara R. Loss, 2015.
Jacqueline Loss. Photograph by Barbara R. Loss, 2015.

It’s a pleasure to include a conversation with Jacqueline Loss in this commentary series.  Over the years she has regularly attended readings in Havana and New York, and I'm never surprised to find that the poets with whom I connect have spent significant time talking with her in one or both cities. Perhaps this is why her projects in scholarship and translation so often turn out to be revealing, if sometimes in unexpected ways, for readers with an interest in poetry.