Susan Bee in conversation with Phong Bui

photo: Nathlie Provosty

On March 25, 2017, Phong Bui interviewed Susan Bee at "POW!," Bee's show of new paintings at A.I.R. gallery (Brooklyn), which is on until April 16. 

Richard Swigg (1938-2017)

Richard Swigg was a great friend of PennSound, editing our extensive sound recording collections of Williams, Bunting, Tomlinson, Oppen, and Replanksky. His work was thorough, with the aim of archiving all the audio recordings of these poets. He was tireless in his efforts -- he spent decades assembling the recordings --  and worked with us in securing permission to make these recordings available on PennSound. 

Human Language: The Poetry of Michael Steven

Catherine Dale

Michael Steven. Photo credit: Greta Anderson.
Michael Steven. Photo credit: Greta Anderson.

Unlike many New Zealand poets of his generation, Michael Steven is not part of the literary establishment. Steven has been writing and performing poetry in New Zealand “in fits and starts”[i] for more than twenty-five years, but has not pursued an MA in creative writing or yet published a monograph with a university press.

Renee Gladman's 'Event Factory'

Renee Gladman's 'Event Factory'

If epic is a story of the community for the community, then Event Factory asks the contemporary reader to consider: How does one tell the tale of the community now? In the place of a sure narrative about a place and its people, Renee Gladman’s text presents ambiguities — palpable, permeating, and resonant — that refuse to resolve or settle.

Murat Nemet-Nejat: From 'Animals of Dawn,' with an essay on 'Hamlet & Its Hidden Texts: Poems As Commentary'

            Bait & Switch    

                        “Polonius: What do you read, my lord?”


the sculpture                                                    

of the night —


dream —                                                           



in the morning


words words   words left                                 


over the melting                                               


dew (the pickpocket).