Tony Green

Loopy, almost: Tony Green's poem-objects

As I've noted here before, Tony Green (of New Zealand) makes poetry objects. One I admire particularly is called "loopy almost." In a Facebook video (2 minutes in length) posted once, he shows the object, describes it, and reads it/reads off of it. Here's your link to the Facebook video. And here are some other related videos by Green.

Tony Green: Big mug vodka maker

Readers here might remember that I've admired Tony Green's poem-object "Big Mug Vodka Maker" from afar - from Philly to Auckland, to be specific. And as I've also mentioned here, Tony Green visited Philly, the first time in 20 years, and gave a presentation at the Writers House. We did an interview for the PennSound podcast series. He read some poems, and he also read several of his poem-objects. He bought along the one I especially admired and gave it to me. It now sits prominently on display in my office at the Writers House. Best of all, we now have for our archive a video of Tony showing this object and reading it/reading from it.

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