Martin RIchet

Larry Eigner, translated into French by Martin Richet

De l’air porteur / articulations / un monde: poèmes 1952-1966
poèmes choisis et traduits de l’américain par Martin Richet

Pied bot: Shade & Occurrence of Tune translated into French by Martin Richet

photos and cover by Susan Bee

Pied bot
Charles Bernstein

éditions joca seria 
collection américaine
translated by Martin Richet
by Jean-Marie Gleize
photos by Susan Bee
160 pages
15 x 20 cm
16 €
ISBN 978-2-84809-187-7
March 2012

Shade, The Occurrence of Tune
, and the preface to Content's Dream
with altered photographs by Susan Bee (from the original edition of Occurrence of Tune)
  More information, and slide show of photos,  at web site for éditions joca seria.

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