Undoing the great modernist aural vowel shift

Jed Rasula deforms Wallace Stevens's at-home calm

[The recording of the deformance described in this commentary is here.] When Jed Rasula and Steve McCaffery assembled an anthology of historical avant-gardism called Imagining Language (1998), their goal was to find, “along the canonical spectrum, within the regulated normality of literature,” the various “occasional protuberances of another submerged order.” Wallace Stevens is nowhere to be found here, perhaps not surprisingly, among selections from the writings of Stein, Joyce, Whitman, Madeline Gins, Hugo Ball, Max Ernst, Lupino Lane, Armand Schwerner, Zora Neale Hurston, Marcel Duchamp, Jackson Mac Low, bp Nichol, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and others.

Danny Snelson, "Feverish Propogations" (2009)

Deformance of Rosmarie Waldrop, "The Reproduction of Profiles" (1987)

  1. You (1984)
  2. You-You (1984-2006)
  3. I (1984)
  4. You-You-You (1984-2006-2009)

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